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Computer Lab & Experimental Laboratory

Faran Science School is keen to implement the state of the art computer technologies in order to keep our students and staff well-informed of the computer technologies. Our team of IT professionals are working hard to ensure the efficient operations of computer systems and network within the school campus. A well equipped Science laboratory comprises latest computer systems has been maintained very well. The school's library containing computer systems allow students and staff to use it. A high speed dedicated internet connectivity has been also provided within the enterprise network. Brief account of the project is as under:

Secure Network:

Our school's network security is important to us. To avoid intrusion we have implemented a secure network where users are granted access through formal access. All users must be registered or granted rights to access the full use of internet and network. Internet access and Network access is granted and is ensured by the implementation of routers switches and different systems and network policies. 



MS Windows servers , WINS, DNS, DHCP, are implemented for the smooth and efficient running of the computer systems and network. TMG (formerly ISA) have ensured that the Students are strictly banned to access explicit contents over the internet. The school has a strict policy to avoid the misuse of network and internet.




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Phone: 091-2245821.

Email: info@fss.edu.pk, principal@fss.edu.pk

Address: Charsadda Road, Peshawar City, Khyber Pakhtoon Khwa, Pakistan.


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