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Aims & Objectives

At Faran Science School Peshawar we aim to inculcate the following values, knowledge and skills:
* Adherence to the Ideology of Pakistan.
* At Faran Science School Peshawar we inculcate strong nationhood spirit by instilling pride in our identity “PAKISTANI” and our religion “ISLAM”.
* We are committed to instill strong moral values, character, integrity, honesty, fairness, tolerance, peace, respect for diversity, human rights and human dignity to ensure we produce future leaders of impeccable character to lead and inspire.
* Develop the ability to think and learn logically.
* Develop fully as individuals, developing personal qualities of self-respect, self-confidence and self-discipline by promoting a caring and positive atmosphere.
* Gain skills and competence not only in the field of numeracy, literacy and science, but across all areas of the curriculum.
* Develop the qualities of caring for others and sharing in the school community as a whole.
* Develop an appreciation for the world around us and their place in it.
* Develop the creative aspect of themselves and an awareness of aesthetic considerations.
* Develop lively, ensuring minds and the ability to apply themselves constructively to all kinds of tasks.
* Develop leaders to steer the world of tomorrow.
* Faran Science School Peshawar is the “Home of Love & Joy” where children learn and live like one family and experience success in a variety of ways.

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Phone: 091-2245821.

Email: info@fss.edu.pk, principal@fss.edu.pk

Address: Charsadda Road, Peshawar City, Khyber Pakhtoon Khwa, Pakistan.


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