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Fee Structure

(SCHOOL FEE * SESSION 2014-2015)

ADMISSION FEE Rs. 20,000 (Payable Once) Non Refundable
TUITION FEE / OTHER FUNDS Rs. 3100 (Payable Monthly) Class (III – VII)
TUITION FEE / OTHER FUNDS Rs. 3200 (Payable Monthly) Class (Nur, Prep, I , II, VIII, IX, X)
TRANSPORT FEE Rs. 1500 (Payable Monthly) (If Availed)
EXAMINATION FEE Rs. 700 (Payable Annually)  
MEDICAL FEE Rs. 500 (Payable Once)  
REGISTRATION FEE Rs. 500 (Payable Once)  
SCHOOL NEWSLETTER Rs. 100 (Payable Annually)  


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Phone: 091-2245821.

Email: info@fss.edu.pk, principal@fss.edu.pk

Address: Charsadda Road, Peshawar City, Khyber Pakhtoon Khwa, Pakistan.


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